CCSE Examination Center.


Exam datesCenterLink
Thursday, 28th July 2022Centro ordinarioInscription
Thursday, 28th July 2022Centro no alfabetizadosInscription
Thursday, 29th September 2022Centro ordinarioInscription
Thursday, 29 September 2022Centro no alfabetizadosInscription
Thursday, 27th October 2022Centro ordinarioInscription
Thursday 27th October 2022Centro no alfabetizadosInscription
Thursday, 24th November 2022Centro ordinarioInscription
Thursday, 24th November 2022Centro no alfabetizadosInscription

The Cervantes Institute prepares two required exams for Spanish nationality: DELE A2 level Spanish diploma and the CCSE test, the Test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain that evaluates, through different tasks, the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and social and cultural reality, one of the requirements established in the laws for the granting of Spanish nationality.

You can take the CCSE test in Escuela Mediterraneo.


Here you can access the exam questions.

Exam format

25 questions about:

  • government, law and citizen participation (60% of the questions).
  • Spanish culture, history and society (40% of the questions).

To pass the exam you need to answer 15 questions out of 25 correctly.

Validity of the exam: 4 years

If you take the exam at Escuela Mediterraneo Barcelona we will send you an email 10-15 days before the exam with all the information:

  1. Date of exam.
  2. Enter time to the Mediterranean School Barcelona.
  3. Documents that you must bring on the day of the exam.




English, Русский язык, 日本語, 汉语, Deutsch, Français, Español または Catalàで、気軽にお問い合わせ下さい



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