21 August, 2017

Intensive A1 Spanish course September

Spanish course A1 Intensive 1 month from 30 of August to 27 of September Monday to Friday, from 13h to 15h
11 August, 2017

Fiestas de Gracia Barcelona Spanish course

On Wednesday, August 16, we will study Spanish at the Gracia Fiesta in Barcelona. We meet at 10:30 in the school and we go by metro to […]
9 August, 2017

Cine de verano Alien el octavo pasajero

Practice your Spanish  watching the film “Alien” in spanish language with spanish subtitles. After watching the movie  there will be an interactive talk with Sandra Beretta […]
23 June, 2017

Fechas examen de español y salida final de curso

Los cursos de julio de lengua española de la Escuela Mediterraneo Barcelona comienzan el 5 de julio.
20 June, 2017

Fiesta de San Juan 23 de junio de 2017

16 June, 2017

DELE A2 Spanish course july 2017

From 13 to 15 h at the Escuela Mediterraneo Barcelona DELE A2 course Before starting this course Escuela Mediterraneo recommends that you follow these steps: Step 1 You can […]
14 June, 2017

Superintensive A1 Spanish course july 2017

6 June, 2017

Off Campus class Cosmocaixa Barcelona

31 May, 2017

Schedule Spanish courses july 2017

Time is subject to change.
19 May, 2017

A1 Spanish course for beginners on june

Spanish course A1, beginners Monday to Friday, from 13 h to 15 h from 1 to 30 June 226 €
30 March, 2017

Schedule courses April-June 2017

7 March, 2017

Spanish course A1 March to June

If you are going to live, study or work in Barcelona and you want to learn Spanish, come and study at Escuela Mediterraneo Barcelona. Spanish course A1 4 […]